About Us

Art is a perfect channel of expression for any age. Given the opportunity, you will be surprised just how well your children can express their emotions or experiences through art.

We appreciate that every learner possesses unique learning ability and understanding levels, which should guide their instruction. Our commitment is to ensure that our students experience the bliss of artistic expression and get immense opportunities to put across their ideas, imagination, emotions, observations and experiences during our kid's art classes in Singapore. We will also expose them to diverse concepts and techniques in simplified and fun-filled classes.

Miro Art studio is an art school for kids in Singapore. It was established with a mission of ensuring that our student artists to enjoy learning about creativity and have fun with art! Our programs include children’s art & craft, drawing & painting class, activity & workshop program, school holiday program, education trips and creative kids’ party for toddlers. If you are thinking about how to let your child learn to be creative, then think Miro. We help your children utilize their holiday in the best way possible – by enjoying art, learning new skills such as drawing and painting and nurturing their creativity and ability to express their emotions and attitudes through art. Every day and throughout the week we have something exciting and fun for kids.


Our programs are organized according to age groups. We do this because art has a specific intention for each age group. For instance, at a younger age – 3 to 5 years, the intention is to inspire art in their minds through songs and cartoons, while for 10-12 year-olds we are aiming at building their drawing and painting skills, art and painting vocabulary and expression of individual creativity. Besides, the inspiration of a 2-year-old is different from that of a 10-year-old, and so are their expression, skill, and tools of the trade.

With time, we noted that our services were not just popular among children of age 12 and below. Some adults that are passionate about art, drawing, dance and painting had passed up the opportunity to get these skills at a tender age. So we designed a class for adults and those who are past junior high school. We have seen people enjoy their beginner classes even as adults. It feels good when you finally realize what makes you happy in life and make a choice to follow through. We ensure that we give you all the support you need while letting you explore new avenues in art.

Children’s Art Enlightenment
Class | Ages 3 – 4

Young children exhibit a natural inclination to express their perception of the world through bold, exaggerated styles. This course focuses on nurturing their artistic expression by introducing preliminary concepts of color theory and basic pictorial composition. We encourage students to explore a variety of creative techniques through unconventional craft activities.

Children’s Art Innovation
Class | Ages 5 – 6

Kindergarten children are naturally curious about their surroundings, and they often express this curiosity through two-dimensional artwork. Our lessons help children strengthen their observational skills by creating representations of reality using color and geometric forms. Students will advance their understanding of proportions and the fundamental elements of art: value, space, and color. Additionally, we introduce various painting techniques to broaden their skill set.

Primary Intermediate
Class | Ages 7 – 12

Our classes for older children offer a well-rounded approach, focusing on three diverse yet complementary art mediums to enhance their skills. Sketching helps students develop their understanding of light and shadow across a wide range of subjects. Painting is an excellent way to master color theory, encouraging exploration of hue, lightness, and chroma through advanced painting techniques. Oil pastels serve as a unique and versatile medium, allowing young artists to push their creative boundaries.