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Art is a perfect channel of expression for any age. Given the opportunity, you will be surprised just how well your children can express their emotions or experiences through art.

We appreciate that every learner possesses unique learning ability and understanding levels, which should guide their instruction. Our commitment is to ensure that our students experience the bliss of artistic expression and get immense opportunities to put across their ideas, imagination, emotions, observations and experiences during our kid's art classes in Singapore. We will also expose them to diverse concepts and techniques in simplified and fun-filled classes.

Miro Art studio is an art school for kids in Singapore. It was established with a mission of ensuring that our student artists to enjoy learning about creativity and have fun with art! Our programs include children’s art & craft, drawing & painting class, activity & workshop program, school holiday program, education trips and creative kids’ party for toddlers. If you are thinking about how to let your child learn to be creative, then think Miro. We help your children utilize their holiday in the best way possible – by enjoying art, learning new skills such as drawing and painting and nurturing their creativity and ability to express their emotions and attitudes through art. Every day and throughout the week we have something exciting and fun for kids.


Our programs are organized according to age groups. We do this because art has a specific intention for each age group. For instance, at a younger age – 3 to 5 years, the intention is to inspire art in their minds through songs and cartoons, while for 10-12 year-olds we are aiming at building their drawing and painting skills, art and painting vocabulary and expression of individual creativity. Besides, the inspiration of a 2-year-old is different from that of a 10-year-old, and so are their expression, skill, and tools of the trade.

With time, we noted that our services were not just popular among children of age 12 and below. Some adults that are passionate about art, drawing, dance and painting had passed up the opportunity to get these skills at a tender age. So we designed a class for adults and those who are past junior high school. We have seen people enjoy their beginner classes even as adults. It feels good when you finally realize what makes you happy in life and make a choice to follow through. We ensure that we give you all the support you need while letting you explore new avenues in art.

We divide the art program and activity for children into two:

Age 3-8 - Creativity Program

Creativity Program has undergone extensive research and development on the effective technique to train and build the imaginative mind, creativity, thinking, focus, patience, social skill, confidence in expressing ideas, communication, problem-solving abilities, self-motivation as well as hand and finger motor skill.

Age 9-12 - Graphic Program

Comprises Graphic Program designed to stimulate a child's mindset and intelligence. It offers knowledge on elements, art, observation abilities, creative mind process, designing and concept development through drawing and coloring through a variety of mediums.

Let your child be part of us

We want to help your child develop brain activity. Art lessons and classes give your child an opportunity to discover new abilities and interests that cannot be unearthed in a conventional setting. Painting gives the student an opportunity to see things from many perspectives and develop the best and most creative way of penning these emotions. It is an ideal class of creative art in Singapore enhancing creativity and imagination of the child. What’s more, our Singapore painting classes can nurture some soft skills such as time management, observation, patience and organization skills needed for successful work and social life.

We know that painting helps a child make connections with the environment, history, family, and life even at an early age. It amplifies their understanding as they can perceive new things and create them through painting classes in Singapore. This way we build the confidence, inventiveness, and independent-mindedness of the child. Most importantly, art lessons will help your child take off the pressure that has built up from other conventional classes. You can trust them to do even better in their school work since they are more relaxed and can express themselves better.

Your kids will love our art lessons for kids in Singapore, which is in itself a great piece of art. We offer our learners the right environment and space to allow them to explore their creativity without fear or interference. We give them a new sense of space and art-filled environment to spur their imagination and allow them to express their thoughts and emotions without any limitations. They also get a chance to be inspired by other pieces of paintings from their peers and role models hung on our walls and archives. Above all, we create a fun environment that will allow them to be just what they are, kids.

We work with your schedule, and we let you choose the hours of the day and week that will suit the young one and the family. We are open during weekdays and Sundays and have flexible time that can suit children of all ages. We select our mentors carefully and attach them to the appropriate age group based on their expertise and suitability for the Singapore art classes to ensure warm and caring approach is offered to our young learners.

Our birthday parties

We understand what kids fancy when it comes to celebrations. We also know what excites and keep them on their feet all day. That is why we design some of the most colorful and exciting birthday parties for kids in Singapore. It is not easy to coordinate young ones that are just learning to enjoy their life and want to try out everything. We have mastered the art of making them happy. We keep them busy and excited with new games, paintings, creative cakes and an array of activities will make your young one’s birthday memorable. Whether you are looking for a themed party or just something unique that will capture your baby’s milestone in the most memorable way, our commitment is to surpass your expectations.

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